• Sarosh Anwar Real Estate Coaching

    I work with Ontario investors who are tired of being held back by the crazy market they live in. I help you score cash-flowing rental properties in the most advantageous markets, regardless of where you live.

  • Your financial freedom is possible through real estate!

    Does this describe you?

    • You have a big juicy financial freedom dream but you're not getting it out of your head and into your life.
    • You have been "on the verge of” or “about to” get in on the real estate ladder for far too long, and now it seems like maybe you lost your chance.
    • When you try to make a move to invest elsewhere, you freeze, stall, feel small or get stuck spinning your wheels.
    • You’re dead serious about building a high-income, high-impact life and, with the right guidance, you’re willing to do the work to get there. 
    • You're sick and tired of playing small and second-guessing yourself, and you know this isn't going to get you where you want to be.

    If any of this resonates with you, I’ve got some good news: you’re in the right place and you're in good hands!

    Is this where you'd rather be?

    • Drop the daily grind and instead use the power of real estate investing to fuel your dreams
    • Own your power, trust your authority and make the impact you were born to make, without imitating others or second-guessing yourself all the time
    • Handle your personal growth and investment portfolio growth (hint: they're linked) with ease and pizzazz
    • Access your own deep sense of self-confidence so you can raise your voice and bang your own drum proudly
    • Receive support from someone who’s been there and done that
    Let's work together to get you there!

    About Your Real Estate Strategy Session

    • During this 50-minute session, you will become clear about the Level of Power with which you are showing up in your life and business.
    • You will create greater clarity about the life and business you really desire.
    • I will give you laser-focused truth from my gut. You will come away from this session knowing the #1 heart-and-soul block you need to clear to get moving in the direction of your plans and dreams—like you actually mean it.
    • You will discover the essential emotional building blocks for Badass Confidence.
    • You will complete the session with the power of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to clear your blocks and move towards the life and business you want.

    By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I can actually make my personally-curated reality happen if I’m totally willing to tap into the most Badass version of myself!”

  • Real Estate Education

    What is it you really want in your life? Let's build your wealth so you can fulfill your dreams!

    Dream It & Achieve It

    Like you Mean Business

    A goal-setting bootcamp for entrepreneurial women with Titanic-sized dreams but no clue how to bring them to fruition.


    In this 30-day bootcamp you will -

    • Solve the disconnect between dreaming and achieving
    • Identify which goals are worth going after, and which tools are the most effective for your personality
    • Ditch the self-destructive behaviour that’s keeping you from your best life

    Delete Your Inner Critic

    Unleash Your Inner Millionaire

    A step-by-step system to get out of your own way. Burn that old baggage and set ablaze the areas that cast doubt and shadow.


    In this 30-day program you will -

    • Set aside self-sabotage once and for all & go for it!
    • Eliminate self-doubt, fears of being seen, or generally fearing you are "not good enough" or “not legit” or "not ready"
    • Discover new awareness and new sources of badass power within yourself

    Badass in Life

    Badass in Real Estate Investing

    A 5-step system for the entrepreneurial woman who is ready to super-charge her badass mindset for all-around success.


    In this 90-day program you will -

    • Grab it by the girly-balls and align your life with your instincts
    • Resolve negative beliefs around making money and being abundant
    • Experience calm, clarity, confidence and joy in your life and business
    • Enjoy a steady flow of creativity
  • Get a Free 50-minute Strategy Session

    Are you serious about building financial freedom, but you’re not moving it forward in reality?

    Are you frustrated with lack of confidence getting in the way of you unleashing your financial potential?

    If you want to harness the wealth-building power of real estate and show up in your life like you mean business, then this consultation is for you.


    “I own my game. I handcraft my life. My world is my construction. I am Badass." ~Sarosh Anwar

    “You have a Master’s degree from Stanford University and you’re applying to work at a café?” The barista looked at me, looked at my resume, looked at me. Heat rising up my collar, I was acutely aware that this looked bad—like, epic fail bad.


    I had immigrated to Canada alone in 2007 with a Pakistani passport. Fresh out of university, I drove across the border in a rental car and landed on a friend’s couch. I had no job lined up and it was turning out (cue coffee-shop humiliation moment) that a degree in literature, albeit from an Ivy League school, didn’t give me any bright prospects.


    Fast-forward 3 years after immigrating, I had built my own business amassing a rental property portfolio worth over $2.7 million built on inspired hustle, strategy and self-belief—all while working in the non-profit sector earning peanuts! I had manifested that beautiful unicorn—financial freedom! These days I live life on my terms. It's a life that I'm proud of. And I am so jazzed to now bring all my A-ha moments to others, so they can shine, be themselves, be abundant, be free and handcraft the life of their choice, the way I have.


    [Continue reading here....]

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    "My session with Sarosh left me buzzing. The pot had been stirred!"

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  • Praise

    What my clients are saying....

    Bushra R. and Randy B - Lawyer and Software Engineer,


    Sarosh helped us get a rental property which she set up as a totally turnkey investment for us--rehabbed, tenanted, and a superb property manager in place. It's been an amazing investment, very strategically chosen to get us great cash flow and appreciation. We're so lucky we got it!

    Gabriel L. - Holistic Pain Specialist & Peak Performance Coach,


    Sarosh was very good at facilitating a great experience for me that really helped me feel a "Real World" example of what I would be up against. She is very skilled at giving feedback and coaching! You will benefit a lot from working with her!

    Uzma R. - Psychology Professor & Couples Counsellor,


    My session with Sarosh left me buzzing. The pot had been stirred! There was a powerful aspect to it. Sarosh was clear, direct, genuine, and unapologetic. I am excited and enlivened by owning my goal. She made me attend to the yearning inside. I know we are on the right path together.

  • Invite me to speak at your next event

    Empower your audience to tap into their Inner Badass power

    My Signature Talks

    • From Feeling Like a F-up to Owning Your Inner Badass (45 minutes)
      Learn about the 5 main causes of entrepreneur self-sabotage–and why it seems so impossible to solve (spoiler alert: it’s not!) This interactive presentation is all about getting to the root of your fear and taking the right steps to eliminate it. A fun round of my signature “Delete Your Inner Critics Card Game” will take the pressure off and help you get your mojo back!
    • Mindset Hacks to Get Paid What You’re Worth (20-45 min)
      How often do you play down your value and (therefore) your prices? Learn to find and transform your own mindset traps around your value–so you can finally feel confident in your worth AND portray it to clients with ease. Get rid of the stubborn thoughts keeping you trapped in fear around charging higher prices–once and for all.

    I deliver interactive talks and games for entrepreneurs that delight and empower your audience to tap into their Inner Badass power so they can create a life and a business they love.


    Available for: Women’s Events & Retreats, Seminars, Breakout Sessions, Investor Groups, Networking Groups, Meetups

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